Body Fat Detox Therapy

Body Fat Detox Therapy works  on your body contours firming & redefining areas of stubborn fat deposits. Benefits include immediate relief & comfort for tired legs. Reduces localised oedema (fatty deposits), improves blood flow and oxygenation improving your metabolism.

It also helps to promote the body's natural toxin cleaning functions. It's a great alternative to liposuction that also reduces cellulite & improves your skin texture by boosting your circulation. Deeply relaxing this treatment relaxes the body and the mind helping boost your immunity and improving your mood. Perfect as a one off treatment or as a regular key to health & wellbeing. Best results can be achieved by undergoing repeated sessions. Individual results can vary. 


"Wow this is amazing! had my first session yesterday and I highly recommend it, the all over body massage is so damn relaxing and the warmth this time of the year is great also. So get in there guys and girls do something for yourself. The team at CheekyBits are awesome they will take good care of you." 

Before, Session 1 and Session 2. 


However if you suffer from any of the following you are NOT PERMITTED to use this therapy.

Diabetes, pregnancy or breastfeeding, diseases of the cardiovascular system, presence of chronic diseases of the organs, asthma, fever, epilepsy, hypertension, presence of blood clots in blood vessels, unsealed fractures, open cuts or bruises, menstruation, presence of benign and malignant tumours, tuberculosis, impaired renal failure.