Eyebrow Feathering/Microblading

Time to throw out the eyebrow pencil ladies. We are so happy to announce the latest treatment available now at CheekyBits in Bright. Eyebrow Feathering/Microblading for the Brows.
Perfect for anyone wanting to change the shape, fill the gaps or for people who have no eyebrows left at all. Eyebrows are such a defining feature of your face. They can give you a more youthful appearance & even give an instant eye lift. By creating actual hair strokes between the real hair of your eyebrows we can give you a natural & realistic look giving you the best brows of your life!

Eyebrow Feathering is semi-permanent and lasts for 12-18 months. It is a two step process the pictures below are after step one. We will post the completed pics after the second treatment which takes place in 4-6 weeks. What an incredible improvement after just the first session! 

Ph: 03 5750 1717 to book